Do you document your children's lives through photography on your phone?

My friends will be the first to tell you that they come to me all the time when they have taken some photos of their kiddos on their phone, but they got one really good one of one kid and one really good one of the other... but not together in the same photo!

Dalena to the rescue!

With today's technology and most people using smartphones with pretty decent cameras built into them, more and more parents are documenting theirs and their children's lives with the images they capture on their phones.

I can combine and retouch your photos for a small fee!

Pricing & Information


Retouching your images!

Do you need photos combined, distracting people or objects removed from the background, or a quick portrait edit to get rid of a blemish?
No worries! Send me a message and ask for retouching!
See the before and after of this photo below!

Starting at $10
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What are some examples of retouching?

Head swapping, getting rid of some objects or people in the background, color changing items, and more!
- If you have more than one child and you take a perfect photo of each, but it isn't in the same photo then I can help by combining the two into one perfect photo (head swapping.)
- If you take a beach vacation and want to remove some people in the background I can help with that!
Send me a message any time!

Do I have to be in your area?

No you do not have to be in my area! Since these are small retouch edits I can do these from a distance.

What is your turnaround time?

Retouching usually doesn't take long so usually it takes me less than a day to finish the work and get the photo back to you. I do all of my editing during Monday - Friday standard business hours and reserve weekends for sessions and family time. If you hire me on a Friday you may not get your photo back until some time on Monday.

What are your prices?

It really depends on the type of retouching you need. Certain retouching takes more time and attention to detail than others.
Pricing starts at $10 and can go up from there depending on the work.
On average, I get asked to remove some small items in the background for $10. Removing bigger objects or people average about $15. Head swaps and other combining edits or removing more than one object or person from the background usually averages around $20.

What types of payment do you accept?

I have Paypal or Venmo

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