Halloween Sessions!

Halloween Sessions featuring an art piece created uniquely for your children in their costumes.

$75 and includes an 8x10 Fine-Art Print + Signed Digital Download

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How does it work?

Thank you so much for viewing my gallery and taking an interest in my work!

I've broken down my process below to give you an idea of how my process works should you choose to work with me.

I try to make it as easy as possible for the adults and a fun experience for the little ones!

I would love to hear from you so message me any time from the Contact page if you have any questions!

For Lifestyle Sessions please contact me for availability and info!

I've cut back on my traditional photography sessions due to Covid, but I am still booking for these throughout the year with limited availability.

Step 1: Plan

The first step is to pick out a design by heading over to my Gallery and looking over my creations. I can also do custom creations if you need something that you don't already see!

Also, go ahead and choose what size you would like your artwork to be. They come in 8x10 or 16x20 options.

Step 2: Capture

If you're local to the Middle TN area we can schedule a short 15-30 minute appointment at a local park in order for me to capture the photos I need.

Step 3: Create

Once I have taken the photos I need then it's time to get to work in Photoshop! This is where the magic happens!

It takes me up to two business days to create each piece before I send the final to print.

Step 4: Print

The final step is printing your finished piece!

My prints are printed on a semi-matte Fine Art paper which features a subtle texture that compliments my work beautifully.

Turnaround time is usually within 2 weeks due to shipping.



Gallery Design

1 Gallery Design Print + Signed Digital Photo
16x20 - $250
8x10 - $150

Pricing includes all work from start to the finished, final print.
Planning | Photoshoot | Editing | Print

Contact me to book today!
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I'm very blessed and honored that my work has been published and featured!

NashvilleVoyager Magazine - Sept 2021

Summerana Magazine - May 2021

Lensational Magazine - 2021

Exposed Magazine - 2021

International Kid Model Magazine - 2020

Brand Model Magazine - 2020

Pretty Little Poser Model Magazine - 2020

The Rogue Photographer Magazine - 2020

The Photograp[her] Magazine - 2020

Shoot & Share Photo Contest Finalist - 2020

Shoot & Share Photo Contest Top 10%, 20%, 30% - 2020

Cozy Clicks Featured Photographer - 2020

Summerana Top Photographer - 2020-21

A Fine Portrait Top 10 Photographer - 2020

Portrait Painters Top Photographer - 2020

And I hope there's more to come!


How do I book?

Hi! All you have to do to get started is head over to the contact page and fill out the form there that will send me a direct email. Simply let me know what design you are interested in in the message area of the form and we can go from there!

What are your prices?

Pricing includes from start to finish, all of the planning, shooting, creating, and your size choice of a beautiful fine art wall print:
16x20 - $250
8x10 - $150

Custom Designs not seen in my gallery:
16x20 - $400
8x10 - $300

Additional Fine Art prints are available a la carte if you need more than one print:
16x20 - $80
8x10 - $40

Can I get a Canvas wrap instead of a wall print?

Yes, you can! The pricing is a little different so I can get you a quote from some labs I work with before we get started.

What payment methods are available?

I currently accept Paypal, Venmo, and Cash.

What is your typical timeline?

After I have the photo needed to create the artwork then it typically takes me within two business days to complete the final photo. Weekends are my busiest times for sessions so more than likely the final images will be completed during Mon-Fri business days.
After the photo is sent to print then usually I have the print back within 2 weeks. I will have a tracking number available to give to you, but it's best to allow 3-4 weeks if you need the photo created by a certain time.

Where do I buy or rent costumes/dresses for my photo?

or even https://www.etsy.com/ to name a few! Send me a message and we can definitely go over the entire vision from head to toe!

Do you work internationally?

I am currently not taking any international commissions. I'm located in the Middle TN area.

Do you have model calls and what are they?

I do have model calls every now and then when I need a model for a new design!
Follow me on Instagram and Facebook if you're interested in being a model for a new design!
If the artwork is completed (some ideas are duds lol), Models receive a signed digital download of the finished artwork at no cost! Prints can be purchased at the Additional Printing price, not the full Session price.

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